Invited Talks

Jon Major - University of Liverpool

Doping and Junction Structure for Antimony Selenide Solar Cells

"Antimony selenide solar cells are rapidly approaching 10% efficiency however a number of key materials properties are still not fully understood. In particular the mechanism by which doping is controlled in the material has not been established and there is a high degree of variability in the literature on the level of doping attainable and even carrier type. This talk will discuss the identification of potential sources of doping in Sb2Se3, the influence this has on carrier concentration and the impact for device performance."

Xiaojing Hao - University of New South Wales

Engineering point defects in kesterite solar cells

"The current state-of-the-art kesterite devices suffer from the long-standing challenge of understanding and controlling defects (e.g. cation—disordering defects, defect clusters), generally resulting in severe potential fluctuation, low minority carrier lifetime, and thereby unsatisfactory device performance. Identifying these defects and possible ways of engineering/controlling these defects is of vital importance for further efficiency breakthroughs. Intensive efforts on seeking for defect-control strategies for suppressing these intrinsic defects that negatively affect electronic properties of the kesterite absorbers are urgently required. In this work, defect control trials on engineering the “black-box” like chalcogenisation process and Li-PDT process will be discussed."